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What's in Pureworx?

Pureworx is manufactured in a state of the art machine using only purified water and Potassium Carbonate, a natural salt found in plant life. 

Is Pureworx safe around people & pets?

While Pureworx emits no harmful gases or odours that can cause health issues and does not cause harmful skin irritation or chemical burn, all cleaners should be used with care. Keep out of reach of children and pets, and do not spray towards the eyes. 

If splashed in the eyes, flush with water. If swallowed, drink plenty of water immediately.

What certifications does Pureworx have?

Pureworx is HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) International certified, which is a restaurant industry certification that confirms it can be used in a commercial food environment and incorporated into a food safety plan.

Essentially, this means that Pureworx is safe around food and food preparation.

Is Pureworx food safe?

Yes, Pureworx is HACCP international certified, which is a restaurant industry certification that confirms it can be used in a commercial food environment and incorporated into a food safety plan.

Does Pureworx have any smell or colour?

As Pureworx is formulated solely with purified water and potassium carbonate, a natural salt found in plant life, it is colourless and without a scent.

Does Pureworx Kill viruses and bacteria?

Pureworx has been independently tested for the reduction in bacterial load on S.Aureus, E.Coli and S. Choleraesuis, the triple threat causes of food poisoning.

However, Pureworx is not marketed as a disinfectant or sanitiser, and does not claim to kill Coronavirus.


Is Pureworx Australian Made?

Our Pureworx solution is Australian made and owned. Our accessories are sourced from the best suppliers around the world.

Does Pureworx have a shelf life?

Yes, Pureworx has a long shelf life. We stabilise the solution to last in cool, dark conditions for up to two years.


Do I need gloves to use Pureworx?

Whilst Pureworx is a very safe formulation and for most people is unlikely to cause any issues we recommend protecting your hands whenever you are cleaning - even with Pureworx.

Does Pureworx work on all surfaces?

While Pureworx is effective on all surfaces we recommend you avoid spraying onto copper, zinc and untreated aluminium. Light staining of these metals can occur if Pureworx is applied and left for upwards of 30 seconds. While kitchen chopping boards are fine for Pureworx we’d also avoid decorative wooden surfaces including tables and sideboards as usage over time can potentially affect protective coatings and varnishes leading to possible discolouration.

How do I care for my Pureworx waffle weave and microfibre cloths?

Our Pureworx cloths are tough and should be washed on a 60-80 degree wash cycle separately with other microfibre and waffle weave products only. Use a mild detergent without any bleach or fabric softener and hang to air dry. Correct use will give at least a thousand uses out of one cloth!

Do I need to do a spot test?

We recommend a spot test on any new surface to ensure you have the best results with Pureworx. Just spray, wait 30 seconds and wipe away.

How long does Pureworx need to work?

For light surface cleaning - Light Spray leave 20 seconds, Wipe Away

For Heavier Duty (Grease and Bacteria kill) - Full spray and wait for 30 seconds – grease will dissolve. Wipe off with Microfibre Cloth and polish with a dry Microfibre Cloth for best results.

Can I add an essential essence for fragrance?

Yes! As Pureworx is fragrance free, if you would like your cleaner to be scented, you can absolutely add your desired essential oil for fragrance!


What does delivery cost?

Delivery costs a flat $9.99 Australia wide.


We deliver Australia wide.

How long does delivery take?

We will endeavour to process your order within 24 hours and dispatch it as soon as possible. You’ll be sent a confirmation email as soon as your order is processed and your shipment handed over to AusPost. Depending on location you should receive your order within 2-3 business days from handover to AusPost.*

*It is to be noted that AusPost is currently experiencing some delays. 

Can I change my delivery address after ordering?

If your order has not yet been dispatched we can amend your delivery address however after dispatching this will not be possible.

Do I need to sign for my order?

Yes, however you can organise for someone else to sign for you on your behalf by leaving their contact details in the order form.

Alternatively you can organise a safe drop off location for your order but note that Pureworx cannot be liable for lost or missing parcels delivered by Aus post.

How can I track my order?

Once your order has been processed by Aus post you should receive a tracking number via email. Please allow up to 12 hours for your tracking number to become live. If you are having issues tracking your order, please get in touch via email with


Do you offer samples?

We do not offer samples but we offer a no risk trial pack giving you everything you need to try Pureworx at home for just $14.99. We’re so confident that you’ll love our product that we also offer a 30 day money back guarantee on all our products!

Can I make a purchase without a monthly subscription?

Yes! You can order individual items as you need. Our Subscriptions are the best value option but we understand that this won’t be for everyone.

I’d like a subscription - How much Pureworx will I need?

We find that most users start with Pureworx in their kitchens and then branch out to using Pureworx in their bathrooms, around the house and even in places you wouldn’t think like your bbqs and bicycles! As so we’d recommend starting with a Small Household Subscription giving you 5L quarterly. If you think this is not enough after a few weeks of use you can quickly and easily manage your subscription anytime by logging into you account and amending this prior to your next delivery. If you’d like help with this please reach out to our friendly team via email at who’d be happy to help and answer any questions!

How do I manage my subscription?

Simply login to your account and visit the subscription management page.

Here you can manage your subscription any time and can make changes to your order prior to your next order:

⁃Bring forward or delay your next order

⁃Change your shipping address

⁃Change your next billing date

⁃Change your subscription frequency

⁃Change your subscription quantity

⁃Cancel your subscription

⁃Reactivate your subscription

Can I cancel my subscription any time?

You can cancel your subscription anytime with no penalty before your next order is automatically placed. If you cancel prior to the order date you will not be charged for the next order.

Do you sell Pureworx in a store or supermarket?

We cut the shops out and go direct to you to save costs and bring you the best possible price for our cleaning solution and products. With our subscription offering you can have peace of mind that you’ll always have a safe cleaning option delivered to you at home right when you need it - you just tell us what you need and how frequently based on your family’s needs.

What payment methods do you accept?

We securely offer Credit Card, Paypal or Afterpay payment options. Note that Afterpay is only possible on orders over $100.


How does the referral program work?

You can send your unique code to as many friends and family that you think may be interested in trying Pureworx. Once your friend or family member has successfully used your code to receive their discount and completed their order, you will receive your new reward code within 24 hours of their completed order. You can only use one reward code per new purchase but can receive multiple referral rewards over time.


We’d love to hear any feedback you have about Pureworx! Please get in touch with via email with if you have any questions, concerns or feedback and we’ll have one of our friendly Pureworx support team get back to you ASAP.