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  • Powerful grease & stain remover
    Pureworx is a mineralised aqua solution stabilised to a pH of 12.6. Simply spray, wait 30 seconds then wipe away grease and stains with ease. It is independently tested to to kill harmful bacteria and in particular those associated with food poisoning.
  • Safe around food & people
    Pureworx is HACCP certified, a restaurant industry standard, which confirms it can be used in a commercial food environment and incorporated into a food safety plan. It is also safe to use around people & pets and will not harm delicate items such as floral arrangements.
  • Kind to the environment
    Pureworx is manufactured in a state of the art machine using only purified water and Potassium Carbonate, a natural salt found in plant life. Any run off from use, adds nothing back to the water table but pure water, a natural mineral salt and the denatured grease or stain.

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