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About Pureworx

Clean your establishment while protecting the planet and people you care about. Choose Pureworx.

Restaurant proven. Perfect for you.

If there's one place where cleaning gets serious, it's a commercial kitchen.

When it comes to removing hazardous bacteria and other contaminants, Australia has some of the strictest rules for restaurants and caterers.

Food ingredients are delicate and being worked with for human consumption, so if harsh chemicals get introduced, a business can go from 5-star favourite to PR disaster in a heartbeat.

Pureworx was created for the restaurant industry and it has been tried, tested and adopted by some of the most famous names in food, both in their kitchens and throughout their venues.

Pureworx is a grease and stain remover the equal of any in the market and it kills harmful bacteria while it does its job. Throw in that Pureworx does no harm to the environment and you have the perfect cleaning product for your establishment or home.

Clean thoroughly while protecting your people, pets and our planet.

Pureworx really will help you achieve a cleaner future.

Some videos to help you get more from Pureworx

A Restaurant Grade Clean

What Is Pureworx

Free From Harsh Chemicals

Wine Stain Demonstration

Pureworx in action

Pureworx Vision

A cleaner future



Pureworx Mission

Provide a cleaning solution the equal of any on the market but that does no harm


Pureworx Tips

To get the most from Pureworx, please take note of the following: